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SF respond to PUP document on Truth and Reconciliation

22 April, 2013

Commenting on the launch of a PUP document, ‘Transforming the Legacy’ on the issue of Reconciliation and Truth, Sinn Fein Assembly member Mitchel McLaughlin said:

“For many years now we have been calling for all political parties and other interested groups to put their ideas for dealing with the legacy of the conflict and the building of a process of reconciliation onto the table.

“The PUP has today made their contribution to that discussion and I look forward to studying the document in some detail and engaging with them on it.

“On an initial reading the commitment to inclusivity as part of the discourse as we move forward is welcome. Likewise the acknowledgement that there can be no hierarchy of victims in any future process and the need for sensitivity are positive indications.

“The reality is to date that many within political unionism and indeed the two governments have run away from this issue. What is needed is fresh thinking and the PUP are clearly trying to play a role in that with today’s document.

“It would be my hope that this document from the PUP will lead to others within unionism beginning to engage sensibly in this area. The notion that we can simply ignore the needs of victims or the need for a process of genuine reconciliation and hope that the political process will succeed regardless is not tenable.” 

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