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MacLochlainn calls on government to protect people against mortgage interest hike

25 April, 2013 - by Pádraig Mac Lochlainn

In the Dáil this morning, Donegal North East deputy, Pádraig MacLochlainn raised the recent hike in interest rates under Leaders’ Questions saying:
“Tánaiste this mortgage rate hike will mean an extra €300 a year for AIB’s 70,000 variable rate customers. It is hike that will push many more families towards the brink.”
“So Tánaiste how do you justify doing nothing to protect homeowners from these sneaky rate increases?
“How do you justify ensuring the Banks have a veto while tens of thousands are in deep mortgage distress.”
Deputy MacLochlainn went on to highlight that all of this is happening in the same week that the government have protected the salaries of top bankers:
“Any how do you justify, as leader of the Labour Party, protecting this outrageous salary for this top banker?”
“Just two days ago Labour back benches marched towards the top of the hill in opposition to this outrageous pay and pensions package.
“It seemed that for once Labour was going to stand up for what was right, for what was fair and for what was just.
“Yet yesterday in a radio debate Minister Brian Hayes insisted that this was not a Michael Noonan decision, or a Fine Gael decision but a whole of government decision to protect the pay of the high rolling bankers.
So Tánaiste were you complicit in this decision?
“Did you sign off in cabinet or at the Economic Management Council on this decision to protect the lavish pay and pension’s package for one Mr Richie Boucher?
“And Tánaiste how you can you justify this extraordinary concern for those at the top with standing back and doing nothing as hard-pressed homeowners are hit with yet another mortgage rate hike?

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