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Spanish Government must desist from politically motivated arrests and engage in peace process - Sheehan

26 April, 2013 - by Pat Sheehan

Sinn Féin MLA Pat Sheehan has called on the Spanish Government to desist from politically motivated arrests and engage in dialogue to advance the Basque peace process.

Speaking today Mr Sheehan said:

“The case of the Segi 8 has been noted around the world. Eight members of the Basque pro-independence political youth movement Segi have been given sentences of 6 years each for simply belonging to a youth organization.

“These arrests and sentences are very clearly politically motivated as are the attacks on many community, social and political groups along with several media outlets in the Basque Country. 

“As a consequence over 200 Basques who are facing trial for belonging to these peaceful organizations; people who in any country would be at the heart of a vibrant society.

"Such clear breaches of human rights are an indictment on the Spanish government.

“The Spanish authorities need to desist from these retrograde actions and begin to engage in the peace process.

“The conditions exist for a process of dialogue aimed at resolving the conflict in the Basque Country. Actions such as this will not assist the development of this process or the resolution of outstanding issues.”

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