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Colreavy calls for compensation for eel fishermen

30 April, 2013 - by Michael Colreavy TD

Deputy Michael Colreavy, Sinn Féin spokesperson for communications, energy and natural resources has called for compensation to be granted to Irish eel fishermen.

Speaking in the Dáil Deputy Colreavy said:
“In 2007 the European Union adopted eel regulation, which led to the development of eel management plans by 2009. The number of eels was in serious decline and it was decided to impose a ban of eel fishing in 2009.
“The livelihood for eel fishermen has been removed. They deserve compensation for the loss of their industry. There is precedent both in Ireland and in at EU level for compensating fishermen who had to halt their fishing practices due to conservation measures.
“It is also imperative that there is action taken to restock Ireland’s eel population. It is estimated that 8-10 tons of glass eel would re-populate Irish water. The government should seek to find means to restock Irish waters and work with their European colleagues in order to address the drastic decline in eel stocks across the continent.
“Eel fishing is an industry that we should aim to keep and develop. However, this requires forward thinking and planning from government. As part of a wider campaign for the development of rural Ireland, Sinn Féin supports the retention of the eel fishing industry.”

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