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Irish language community will not be sidelined by bigotry – Sinn Féin MLA

9 May, 2013

Sinn Féin MLA Rosie McCorley has issued a cautious welcome to a report from Department of Culture, Arts & Leisure (DCAL) officials on the consultation into the draft strategies for the Irish language and Ulster Scots.

Speaking today after a meeting of the DCAL Committee the West Belfast MLA said:

“Positive comments by the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland stood in stark contrast to the negative drones from both DUP and UUP committee members who sought only to gain assurances that there was never going to be an Irish language Act.

“Such backward looking perspectives merely demonstrate that those parties are completely out of step with most of the community.

“The vast majority of those responding to the consultation welcomed the draft strategies and contributed very thoughtful, positive and useful remarks on the way forward for the Irish language. 

“Clearly there are battles ahead, both in terms of agreeing the strategies and achieving Acht na Gaeilge, but we will meet those challenges head on.

“The Irish language community has proven its determination and resilience over decades of activism and will not be sidelined by the bigotry of those who apparently feel threatened by the sound of voices speaking in Irish. 

“It is our right to speak and use our native language and we will continue to demand that due recognition is given to that.”

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