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Moratorium on roadworks will leave workers in limbo

21 May, 2013

Sinn Féin MLA Declan McAleer has said that the moratorium on road works during the G8 summit will leave over 1000 workers in limbo.

 Mr. McAleer stated,

“I meet with Gordon Best of the Quarry Products Associations and he is concerned that over 1000 workers will find themselves without wages over the eleven day period of the G8.

“Contractors have not be contacted yet nor were they consulted before the decision to halt all road works across the North apart from the Ards peninsula and C class roads.

 “This is a complete overkill and the we need the PSNI to tell us why road works in places as far away as Coleraine, Ballycastle or Belfast pose a threat to those meeting in Fermanagh.

“These workers are now in a state of limbo but they will still have mortgages, fuel bills, grocery bills etc to pay.  Due to the fact that they are still employed it is questionable whether they will be entitled to social security.

 “I have now tabled an emergency question to the Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy asking whether he will ensure that these workers will be paid over the period and I intend to raise the issue at the committee tomorrow.

“While some people are exalting the benefits of the G8 summit the reality so far is uncertainty and community disruption.”

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