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Government continuing to facilitate tax avoidance by multinationals – Tóibín

22 May, 2013

Today, Peadar Tóibín TD, Sinn Féin spokesperson questioned the Jobs and Enterprise Minister on the continued revelations regarding tax avoidance by multinational corporations.
Peadar Tóibín said: “Last week in London, Google was under the spotlight for failing to pay the expected tax on profits while funnelling profits through this state. Yesterday, in Washington, Apple disclosed that one of its Irish subsidiaries held profits of $30 billion, had three directors, no employees and paid no tax in Ireland or the US. This is very different from multinationals which bring jobs to Ireland.
“Two of our most important trading partners are describing this state as a tax haven. Given the evidence this is hard to dispute. This is unfair as all our citizens and indigenous businesses are expected to contribute fully to the state.
“In facilitating tax avoidance this government is creating multinational bubble to match the previous government’s property bubble. The minister and government continue to maintain that there is not a problem. They are living in denial as our international reputation unravels.
“The government needs to come clean, did they reach an agreement or understanding that allows multinationals to avoid tax, did they market investment here on the back of these schemes and why do they continue to facilitated tax avoidance by multinationals under Irish laws.”

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