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British MOD must stop low flying jets training in Tyrone

25 June, 2013

Sinn Féin MP Francie Molloy has called on the British Ministry of Defence to halt the practice of having military jets fly low over Lough Neagh and the Coalisland area.

 Mr. Molloy said,

 “Over the past few days there have been two military jets flying low over the Coalisland area coming from across Lough Neagh.  These jets are causing concern especially amongst the farming community as animals are being scared by the sudden loud noise.

 “Only today I was approached by a farmer whose horse bolted as the low flying jets passed over homes and fields. In the past we have had young girl injured when thrown from her horse and was lucky to escape serious injury.

“I am calling on the British MOD to state the purpose of these flights and why the residents of Tyrone and other counties are being subjected to these daily fly-bys.

 “These flights needs to stop and stop today and I will be raising the matter with the British Secretary of State in order to get them finished.”

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