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Sinn Féin councillor calls on Orange Order to reveal if it has assisted police

8 August, 2013

Sinn Féin councillor Gerard McCabe has called on the Orange Order to reveal how many members have been suspended following the attack on the PSNI in the Woodvale area on the 12th of July.

The Ardoyne councillor also said the Orange Order should tell the public how many names they have given to the PSNI of members involved in the violence and how many have been charged.

Gerard McCabe said:

“The Orange Order repeatedly say they are for upholding law and order yet the television cameras clearly showed Orange members with their collarettes still on attacking the PSNI.

“How many names of those Orange Order members involved have been handed over by the organisation to the PSNI and have the Orange Order taken any action regarding suspending the members? Can the Orange Order tell the public how many members of their organisation have been charged in relation to the violence?

“Orange Order leader Mervyn Gibson has said that if any Orange Order members were convicted on charges related to the disorder they would be expelled from the organisation. How many have been charged so far and are they suspended until their trials are over?

“It’s easy to issue bland statements claiming to abide by the rule of law but the proof of this is putting it into practice.” CRÍOCH/ END

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