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‘Fianna Fail leader all talk but no action on all-Ireland co-operation’— Conor Murphy MP

24 August, 2013

Sinn Fein MP Conor Murphy has criticized successive Irish Governments for their failure to oversee the full implementation of Agreements arising from the Peace Process.

Commenting in the Belfast-based ‘Irish News’ on recent remarks by Fianna Fail Leader Micheal Martin, the Newry/Armagh MP said that in government Martin did little to develop an all-Ireland economic model and called on the Fianna Fail leader to support the demand for a referendum on Irish unity.

Conor Murphy said:

"Micheal Martin’s recent comments regarding complacency on the part of the British and Irish Governments in relation to the Peace Process is a point consistently raised by Gerry Adams with the Irish Government and directly with the British Prime Minister by Martin McGuinness.

"Both Governments are co-equal partners and guarantors of the agreements arising from the Peace Process. Yet both governments, including those in which Micheal Martin was a Minister, failed to oversee the full implementation of the agreements they entered into.

"The only way to build a stable economic future across this island is to unleash the economic potential of an integrated all-Ireland economy. But realising that vision requires the full and active participation of the Irish Government and I have to say that Micheal Martin while in government did little to develop an all-Ireland economic model or to develop additional areas of co-operation.

"A point in case — the St. Andrews Agreement, provided for a review of all-Ireland bodies and the development of new areas of co-operation. Under Micheal Martin’s watch the Irish Government failed to progress this review or bring forward proposals when in a position to do so.”

Regarding Martin’s comments on recently secured economic investment for the North, Murphy said:

"Sinn Féin was central to securing the significant investment of £18 billion of capital investment for the North and greater flexibility in borrowing powers which will provide the much needed infrastructure required to reinvigorate the economy.

"This Economic Pact provides for a review of fiscal powers for the North. This is a significant achievement, as enhanced fiscal powers will provide the Executive with the ability to address all-Ireland development and harmonisation free from the current restrictions imposed by Westminster.

The Sinn Fein MP called on Micheal Martin and Fianna Fail to support the call for a referendum on Irish unity:

"The Good Friday Agreement provides for a poll on Irish unity. Securing a Border Poll means building support so that the Irish and British governments are moved to fulfill their obligations to hold one. A Border Poll provides a unique opportunity for a real, inclusive and constructive debate on the future of Ireland.

"This is a priority for Sinn Fein. It would be helpful and refreshing if Micheal Martin’s Fianna Fáil were to support this call. It’s time to let the people have their say."

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