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Ellis calls for re-instatement of Migrant Specific Accommodation Scheme

27 August, 2013 - by Dessie Ellis TD

Following the death of Henryk Piotrowski (43), a homeless man from Eastern Europe, in a rubbish skip last weekend, Sinn Féin housing spokesperson, Dessie Ellis TD, has called for the re-instatement of the Migrant Specific Accommodation scheme which was discontinued last month.

Deputy Ellis said;

“The withdrawal of the Migrant Specific Accommodation Scheme means homeless immigrants now have to phone Dublin City Council every evening to seek a bed for the night.

“This is very difficult for people who may have problems with language, communication, medical and in some cases even addiction problems.

“Sometimes, this can lead to individuals avoiding the service altogether and finding themselves on the streets in a vulnerable situation. The whole issue of having to phone in several times to secure a suitable place is putting extra pressure on immigrants which in some cases could have disastrous consequences.”

Deputy Ellis recognises that this is only a small part of the homeless problem in Ireland and calls on the Minister to come up with a substantial plan to eradicate homelessness once and for all.

“The current strategy to deal with homelessness which was announced recently by Minister Jan O’Sullivan isn’t enough as this amounts to nothing more than providing rent allowance for homeless people.

“Housing Lists have jumped almost 17% in the last two years under the current government, going from 98,000 to almost 112,000 people with approximately 5,000 on the homeless list.

“The government needs to act urgently and deal with this massive problem rather than producing unworkable solutions. Tragedies such as the recent death of Henryk Piotrowski are unacceptable and we should be doing our utmost to ensure that this never happens again.”


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