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UN call to abolish Bedroom tax welcome - McCann

11 September, 2013 - by Fra McCann

Sinn Féin MLA and spokesperson on housing said the findings by Raquel Rolnik, the UN Special Rapporteur on Housing, has vindicated Sinn Féin's position on the Bedroom Tax

Speaking today Mr McCann said:

“Sinn Féin have from the outset stated that the current Tory driven welfare cuts are not about streamlining the welfare system but designed to make stringent cuts. Those primarily affected by these cuts are the most vulnerable in our society.

“The findings by Raquel Rolnik, the UN Special Rapporteur on Housing, have shown further evidence of the grossly negative impact these cuts will have on the most vulnerable in society.

“Ms Rolnik’s assertion that the Bedroom Tax could constitute a breach in human rights in several ways and that it should be abolished is welcome yet not surprising given the effects that the roll out of such a tax would have in the North.

“We in Sinn Féin have said that if this is introduced in the North it will devastate many communities. This tax is wrong as it hits at those most in need.

“At the 2013 Ard Fheis Martin McGuinness stated that if the Bedroom Tax were brought before the Assembly Sinn Féin would move to block the tax.
“The British government must now take these finding on board and act to ensure that those who are most vulnerable in our society receive the assistance and protection that they need.”

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