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The State of the Union is anything but good - Martina Anderson MEP

11 September, 2013 - by Martina Anderson MEP

Speaking from Strasbourg following the "State of the Union" address from President Barroso, Martina Anderson MEP (Sinn Féin) commented:
”It’s obvious that President Barroso like other EU Leaders who are wedded to the failed strategy of austerity is out of touch with the actuality of the living experience of those saddled with the reality of their austerity policies.

“Under the stewardship of President Barroso, more people are living in poverty, public services are being slashed and burned, millions are unemployed across Europe, including unprecedented numbers of young people. Citizens are weighted down with the debts of banks. And all the while the golden circles are protected and looked after by the policies that this Presidency promotes.
”It may come as news to President Barroso that for many millions of people across the EU the state of the union is anything but good. In fact it is extremely bad for all but the golden circles that Barroso obviously travels in.
”It is not too late for President Barroso and the adherents of the failed austerity agenda to reflect upon the misery they have inflicted upon millions of people and come to recognise, and possibly even to redress, the policy choices they have made.”

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