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Sinn Féin MLA encourages language groups to engage in process for new structures

15 October, 2013 - by Rosie McCorley

Sinn Féin MLA Rosie McCorley has called on Irish language groups to make sure they apply to become part of the new all Ireland structure for core-funded bodies.

The West Belfast MLA comments come after a recent meeting of the Department of Culture Arts & Leisure Committee in which a delegation from Irish language groups Ultach, Altram and an t-Aisaonad made representations.

The West Belfast MLA said:

“I have great confidence in the northern based Irish language groups who have been to the forefront of the revival in Gaeilge throughout the North.

“Some of the groups expressed concerns about their future under the new arrangements. I have received assurances that there are no predetermined outcomes to the make up of the all Ireland structures and I would urge all the groups concerned to apply to be part of these arrangements.

“The northern groups have years of experience and expertise and I urged them strongly to engage with the process. Foras na Gaeilge will be in front of the committee in a few weeks and I will certainly be raising the groups concerns with them.”

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