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Stormont beauty competition an embarrassment

22 October, 2013 - by Megan Fearon

Sinn Féin spokesperson on women issues Megan Fearon has said that as a young female member of the Assembly it is embarrassing that a beauty competition has been arranged for Stormont.

 Ms. Fearon stated,

“The issue of equality for women has still not been achieved and promoting a competition where women compete against each only to be judged on their appearance reinforces the attitude of women as sex objects and second class citizens and is embarrassing.

“The fact that to enter this competition you need to meet a tight criteria also discriminates against the vast majority of women. 

“This criteria has stereotyped the look that many young women believe they must match otherwise they are not attractive.

“This has lead to issues such as eating disorders, lack of confidence, anorexia, depression and even suicide of young women.

“Women deserve to be treated with equality and respect and not judged on their appearance.”

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