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Mean-spirited cuts affecting elderly people must be reversed – Carthy

22 October, 2013

The Sinn Féin candidate for the Midlands Northwest EU constituency, Cllr Matt Carthy has described the cuts affecting elderly people as “mean-spirited and callous” and called for their immediate reversal.

Speaking in Dublin today where thousands of pensioners protested the cuts, Cllr Carthy said:

“This government has followed the example of Fianna Fáil and attacked the elderly as part of its cuts agenda.  And, just like Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and Labour will find that our older people do not take attacks lying down.

“The cut to discretionary medical cards, the telephone allowance and the increase in prescription charges are just some of the despicable measures announced in last week’s budget that will have a devastating impact on the sick, the old and people with disabilities.

“These cuts will only further add to the isolation and fear that elderly people are feeling.

“Sinn Féin had set out a fair alternative that asked more of those who could afford to pay more.  It is clear though that the government wasn’t interested in alternatives and instead opted to follow through the actions of their Fianna Fáil predecessors in protecting the wealthy while heaping the burden on the most vulnerable.”

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