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Colreavy Rejects Case for Nuclear Power

23 October, 2013 - by Michael Colreavy TD

The Sinn Féin spokesperson on energy, Michael Colreavy TD, has rejected arguments in favour of amending the relevant legislation to allow the production of electricity through the deployment of nuclear power stations. He was speaking at a meeting of the Transport and Communications committee this morning which heard a presentation from the Better Environment with Nuclear Energy lobby group.

Deputy Colreavy said:

“I am not convinced that there is a valid case for nuclear energy in this country, or that there is public support for it as claimed by the group. I would also question their dismissal of the alternatives of renewable sources of energy which have great potential to be developed here.

“It is true that there are problems and large costs involved in alternative sources such as wind, wave and tide, but there is substantial research which points to their potential. Not only might it be possible for Ireland to become self-sufficient in its electricity requirements, but we could also become a net exporter of electricity.

“I would far prefer to see us developing in that direction rather than pursue the nuclear option. I also believe that that is a view shared by most members of the public.

“I have welcomed the fact that the Committee have agreed to request the Minister to prepare a long-term strategy for energy production in Ireland. This is something I have called for several times, as I believe that without a coherent strategy, the government will continue to respond to energy companies and vested interests , rather than to ensure energy security, cost containment and community benefit for this and future generations of Irish people.”

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