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Live register figures mask the cruel reality of emigration and a failing jobs strategy – Cullinane

31 October, 2013 - by David Cullinane TD

 Sinn Féin spokesperson for workers’ rights Senator David Cullinane has stated that live register figures released today are being used by the Government to mask the cruel reality of emigration and a failing government jobs strategy

Senator Cullinane stated:

“It is incredible that the Taoiseach and the Minister for Social Protection are spinning these figures as some sort of success story.

“The reality is that, over the life-time of this government, there has been a reduction in the live register of 32,300. However, but this has to be seen in the context of over 176,000 people emigrating in the last two years and an increase in training places.

“The bottom line is that since coming to power this government has effected a 0.3% reduction in the unemployment rate despite mass emigration.”

Senator Cullinane also pointed out that the increase in activation has been due to JobBridge, TUS, CEB’s and back to Education schemes.

“Over the past year the live register has fallen by 23,660. At the same time net emigration was 33,000 and the government has delivered an additional 2,500 Activation places that take people of the live register.

“There are currently 75,950 people on such schemes that would otherwise be on the Live Register. Of these there has been a decline of 9% in people on back to work supports.

“The number of people long term unemployed reduced over the year by 5,716 however there were an additional 2,500 activation places that would account of almost half of these. Almost 60% of those unemployed have been without work for a year.

“All jobs are to be welcomed however the ways these figures are being spun mask the cruel reality of emigration and a failing jobs strategy. Our enterprises are struggling as the domestic economy remains stagnant. Emigration has a bigger impact on unemployment than government policy. What is required is investment to create and sustain jobs.”

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