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Government Spin on Irish Unemployment Figures Exposed By Eurostat - Reilly

20 November, 2013

Eurostat, the official statistical body across the EU, has published annual population changes across the member states. It found that Ireland has the highest rate of emigration of any member of the EU.

Speaking after publication of the figures, Kathryn Reilly, Sinn Féin Spokesperson on Youth Affairs said:

“Official figures released today by Eurostat confirm that this state has the highest levels of emigration in the EU. This government needs to get honest with its people about the true picture of emigration affecting our state. Eurostat’s figures substantiate everything Sinn Fein has been saying this past year.

“Ireland’s emigration epidemic has reached crisis proportions. At 7.6%, we have the highest level of people leaving this state when compared with all other countries in Europe. The government’s response to this appalling reality has been inaction and consistent denial.

“Ministers like to claim that emigration is a lifestyle choice and akin to taking a year out. The simple fact is that mass emigration is the outworking of government policy, and research indicates that 78% of emigrants believe they are unlikely to return to Ireland within three years.

“We are losing a generation and exporting our talent at a terrifying rate. Yet successive ministers have assured us that their “plan” is working.

“Sinn Féin tabled a debate at the Dáil over the last two days calling for immediate action to stem emigration and create real and credible opportunities and jobs for young people. The government response has been pitiful. They offer no real proposals for change. Instead, they continue to churn out government spin. Decreasing unemployment figures has been largely due to the alarming number of people leaving this island and not by the creation of job opportunities. This is the clear and unvarnished truth.”

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