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Cross-border trade barriers must be removed to assist SME’s

9 December, 2013 - by Phil Flanagan

Sinn Féin Vice-chair of the Enterprise Committee, Phil Flanagan MLA has encouraged Ministers, North and South to work collaboratively to remove all barriers to trade to assist in sustaining the viability of many Small to Medium Businesses (SME’s).

Phil Flanagan said:

“Our businesses, in particular SME’s are looking to expand and find new markets. It is regrettable that business with the nearest and what should be the most accessible market is inhibited through unnecessary trade barriers.

“The perpetuation of these barriers fails our economy, our people and our enterprises, North and South. They underscore the economic failure of dual economies on this small island and impede the potential of greater and deeper co-operation which would deliver growth and job creation.

“The successes recorded by all-Ireland bodies such as Intertrade Ireland, Tourism Ireland and Enterprise Ireland are to be welcome, however more needs to be done to realise the full potential of the all-Ireland economy. On an island this size, with one labour market and interlinked and interdependent economies, all-Ireland economic co-operation and planning makes sense.

“Sinn Féin is committed to promoting economic co-operation for the benefit of all our people and I would encourage Ministers North and South to cooperate in removing all the barriers to further develop trade across the island. Realising the full potential of an all-Ireland Economy will require a joint strategy for growth, trade, investment and jobs. To achieve this will require imagination, ambition and cooperation.” CRÍOCH

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