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DPP in predictable failure over Ardoyne Parade

24 August, 2004

Sinn Féin Assembly member for North Belfast Kathy Stanton has slammed the Belfast DPP and its members after they met last night to discuss the Events in Ardoyne over the 12th.

Ms Stanton said:

" At last nights meeting of the Belfast DPP the local PSNI commander gathered with the yes men and women of policing in Belfast to discuss the events in Ardoyne over the Twelfth. Given the fact that the head of the Policing Board Des Rea had already praised the PSNI for their operation it was not surprising that there was no criticism of the PSNI made.

" Instead the PSNI told the meeting that they had compiled a wanted list of people they intended to arrest and charge over the events in Ardoyne. We can be rest assured that none of those to be arrested are members of the PSNI or British Army. We can be rest assured that no members of the Orange Order or their followers will be amongst those arrested.

" The fact that the PSNI deliberately breached a Parades Commission determination was not an issue for the DPP. The fact that the PSNI forced a UDA mob through three nationalist areas was not an issue for the DPP. The deployment of the Paras into a nationalist area in Belfast was not an issue for the DPP.

" These facts do more to tell the nationalist community in areas like Ardoyne what the focus of the supposed policing accountability mechanisms actually is. The Belfast DPP will not and cannot hold the PSNI to account for events such as those witnessed in Ardoyne on July 12th." ENDS

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