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Deputy O’Brien disputes Minister’s view that JobBridge teachers are just “doing it to emigrate”

22 January, 2014 - by Jonathan O'Brien TD

Sinn Féin Education Spokesperson Deputy Jonathan O’Brien today raised the matter of teachers being employed by schools through JobBridge scheme and said he disputed the Minister’s belief that they were working to emigrate.

The Cork North Central TD stated;

“I raised the matter of teachers being employed through JobBridge today in the Education Committee, where schools through a lack of resourcing end up doing this to supplement their teaching staff, and desperate qualified teachers do it to survive.

“In his reply to me, the Minister Ruairí Quinn likened this to trainee pilots doing extra lessons so they could go and work elsewhere and said that teachers were doing this to get extra teaching practice and then go off to ‘Australia where they could come back with fifty grand cash after a few years.'

“Teachers qualify during their degree years. They are qualified because they have done their teaching practice already, and they are applying for JobBridge positions because this is what they have to do to survive.

“The notion that qualified teachers are happy to work for €50 on top of their dole is laughable. If teachers on the dole want to emigrate, it’s because there are no jobs here for them and the government has abandoned them.

“They want to leave so that they can do more than scrimp by on JobBridge money. It isn’t because they all want to have the happy adventure that Labour would have us believe.

“The Minister would be better off creating jobs for teachers instead of carrying on with this ridiculous spin.”

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