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Concern at lack of preparation to deal with flooding

24 August, 2004

Sinn Féin South Belfast MLA Alex Maskey has expressed concern that water services have not been properly prepared for the flooding witnessed in parts of Belfast today and elsewhere in the Six Counties in recent weeks.

Mr Maskey said:

"It has been clear for at least the last couple of days that there would be significant risks of flooding in a number of areas throughout the Six Counties. However, I am concerned that Water Services and Roads Services seems to have been poorly prepared to cope with the severe flooding we have witnessed today in parts of Finaghy Road North and Orchardville and in Derry last week.

"It will strike many people as ironic that in a country such as Ireland that is renowned for its wet weather that we seem so poorly equipped to cope with its consequences.

"I am particularly angered that homes and businesses appear to have not been given the information or material resources to allow them to cope more effectively with the flooding.

"Party colleague, Stiofan Long has visited residents today in the Orchardville area many of whom expressed their concern and annoyance at the water and roads service complacency. Many of these residents contacts the Water and roads services earlier today before the flooding reached their homes, yet no preventative measures were taken despite being informed by residents and this area being a notorious flooding black spot." ENDS

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