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Special Branch agenda exposed after anti-Sinn Féin operation

26 August, 2004

North Belfast Sinn Féin Councillor Eoin O'Broin has accused the PSNI Special Branch of actively engaging in an anti-Sinn Féin campaign. Cllr. O'Broin's comments come after the arrest of a party member yesterday after an early morning raid only for him to be released a few hours later.

Cllr. O'Broin said:

" Yesterdays early morning raid by heavily armed PSNI members accompanied by Special Branch members was not about investigating any offence. It was political policing at its most blatant. It was the PSNI Special Branch asserting itself and continuing with its anti-Sinn Féin and anti-peace process agenda.

" Since the first IRA cessation ten years ago elements of the NIO through their agents within Special Branch have been openly hostile to the development of a peace process and openly hostile to the advances made by Sinn Féin.

" At crucial times throughout the last ten years we have seen the hand of the Special Branch and NIO attempting to subvert this process. That is what yesterday's raid and accompanying media briefing to selected journalists was all about.

" It is a reminder to those of us who wish to see an acceptable and accountable policing service developed of the work that still has to be done to remove this malign influence both from policing and indeed from the process itself." ENDS

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