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NIO securocrats need to be confronted

31 August, 2004

The Sinn Féin Negotiation team today met with party support staff and MLAs in Stormont to discuss the upcoming Review discussions and the impending negotiations. Speaking after the meeting Sinn Féin National Chairperson Mitchel McLaughlin said:

" Sinn Fein will approach next weeks negotiations in a positive and constructive fashion. Our objective going into the negotiations in September is to end the crisis in the process and restore the political institutions. We are seeking a comprehensive definitive agreement on all outstanding matters.

" However, the biggest difficulty at this time is the unwillingness of unionism and the British government to embrace the changes that are necessary.

" This is particularly true of the securocrats within the NIO who have been opposed to this process since its inception. The NIO with its in built unionist bias runs the six counties virtually as the old Stormont government. At every turn they have sought to frustrate progress and maintain the status quo.

" Tony Blair needs to confront these securocrats at the heart of his system if we are to build upon the potential which exists and deliver the sort of holistic package which is required." ENDS

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