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Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire - Uniting Ireland is about uniting people

8 February, 2014

We will not unite Ireland, simply by ending partition.

Holding a successful border poll, is vital.

But we will have to do a great deal more to truly unite Ireland.

Removing a line from the map will not of itself unite us, just as drawing the line did not divide us. 

Division is not visible; but it has visible symptoms, grey peace walls, and tattered flags on lampposts, squalid markers of territory.

But division exists within our hearts and minds, division that fosters distrust, sectarianism, even hatred.

The kind of hatred that leads to a teacher such as our own Cllr Catherine Seeley being forced to leave her position, for no reason other than her political beliefs.

The kind of hatred that leads to an Orange Hall being burned down, just because it signifies something different, something other.

Beidh orainn an saghas san iompair, an ghráin, an tamhras, agus an fuath a chaitheamh uainn más miain linn Éire aontaithe a bhaint amach.

We will have to challenge ourselves, to ask the difficult questions of ourselves, and of our communities.

This County will forever be associated with the rising of 1798, where people from all backgrounds and creeds, were willing to give all they had, for equality, for the unity of protestant, catholic and dissenter.

That is still our aim, and not only unity of protestant catholic and dissenter, but of all the communities that live on this island.

But Republicans cannot be do this on our own.

All who had a hand in the conflict and division in our country must show political leadership

Political unionism lags behind the people they represent, and the politics of fury, of the lowest common denominator, fails everyone. 

Likewise there is an obligation on Dublin and London. 

Hurling from the ditch is no longer an option.

Tá an obair seo ró-thabhachtach chun é a chur ar an méar fhada, ag siúil go réiteofaí é le himeacht ama. Ní mór an pobail a aontú chun an tír a aontú. 

We know that achieving a United and Agreed Ireland, is not only about constitutional change.

We know that Uniting Ireland, is above all, about uniting people.

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