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British spying operation uncovered

6 September, 2004

Sinn Féin this afternoon put on display a sophisticated bugging device which was found at the home of a voluntary worker in Gerry Adams West Belfast office. The press conference was attended by local Councillor Paul Maskey and West Belfast MLA Michael Ferguson. Mr Ferguson challenged the British Government to come clean on the issue and tell people exactly why they are mounting a spying and intelligence gathering operation on Sinn Féin.

Mr Ferguson said:

" This device was discovered this morning at the Andersonstown home of a member of Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams staff. The main body of the device was built into the roof space of the house with a small microphone built into the living room ceiling.

" This is a sophisticated device. It was put there by one of the British security agencies. It is part of a spying and intelligence gathering operation aimed at Sinn Féin. It clearly raises questions about the British commitment to this process and it is ironic that this find comes ten years on from the first IRA cessation and on the eve of important political negotiations.

" It is a reminder that the agencies and individuals who have operated here with impunity for decades and who organised the collusion policy are still here and still active. It also poses very serious issues for Tony Blair and the British government and their approach to the peace process.

" Gerry Adams is in London today and he will be raising this extremely serious matter directly with the British government and clearly it will now become part of the wider political agenda in the time ahead." ENDS

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