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Sinn Féin MP slams reckless bomb attack as family have lucky escape

14 March, 2014 - by Paul Maskey

Sinn Féin MP Paul Maskey said those behind a reckless bomb attack on the Falls Road tonight had no consideration for who they injured.

“A passing PSNI vehicle appears to have been the target in this reckless attack when a family were fortunate to escape injury as their car was peppered with shrapnel. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt but the family are extremely shook up.

“At this early stage we have been told that no PSNI personnel were injured and their vehicle drove on. This was a busy normal Friday night on the Falls Road with hundreds of teenagers and young people out enjoying their evening.

“Those behind this attack clearly did not care who was injured or killed. Just a couple of hundred yards away more than 500 people were enjoying a night organised by Feile while those with no vision for the future tried to bring death and destruction to the people of West Belfast.

“It is well past the time that this tiny minority wised up and got the message that the people have moved on and want left in peace.

“Unfortunately nearly two hours after the attack the PSNI have still not arrived at the scene as countless people and vehicles pass the site of the explosion. This is not acceptable.” END

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