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New warning of Loyalist threat to Ballymena repesentative

15 September, 2004

Sinn Féin Ballymena representative Michael Agnew has said that he has been warned that his life is in danger from Loyalists. Speaking of the threat Mr Agnew said:

"Loyalists have targeted not just myself but nationalists living throughout the Ballymena and wider North Antrim area. Given the number of attacks in recent months I take this threat seriously. I would urge nationalist throughout the area to extremely vigilant.

"Nationalists are angry that unionist politicians do not seem to be taking these attacks seriously. Nationalists do not believe that unionists are doing enough to stop number of attacks directed at the nationalists coming from within the unionist community.

"It is time that unionists political leaders worked along with other civic, community and church leaders to address the very high levels of attacks, intimidation and threats coming from paramilitaries operating in communities that they represent. Enough is enough, these attacks and threats have to stop." ENDS

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