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Belfast City Council adoption of 'Living Wage' welcomed

25 April, 2014

Sinn Féin leader on Belfast City Council Jim McVeigh has welcomed the decision today for the Council to adopt a living wage for employees.

 Councillor McVeigh stated,

 “I am proud of the fact that Belfast city council is the first Council area in Ireland to adopt the living wage as opposed to a minimum wage for council employees.

 “It is important that people are paid a decent wage for a decent days work and introducing this living wage structure will ensure that the lowest paid workers will enjoy a better quality of life.

 “While it is important that we have a minimum wage this however is a very basic salary that leaves many people within the working poor bracket and we need to move towards ensuring people get proper reward for their work.

 “Sinn Féin is determined that people are paid a wage that reflects their work and allows people to move out of the poverty bracket.

 “We have pushed the Council to adopt a living wage and I am delighted it was agreed today by Belfast City council which will result in the lowest paid workers receiving an increase in wages.

 “I am now calling on all Councils across the island to adopt similar motions and give workers a decent wage for their time and commitment.”

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