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Sinn Féin message is one of hope and change – Gerry Adams TD

27 April, 2014 - by Gerry Adams

Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams TD has called on the people of Dublin to support the party’s EU candidate Lynn Boylan, stating that Sinn Féin is committed to offering new hope and real change based on genuine republican politics and will deliver for the people of Ireland in Europe.

Speaking at the launch of Lynn Boylan’s campaign today, Deputy Adams said:

"Sinn Féin's message in this election is one of hope. We are saying things do not have to be the way they are. There is a better way.

"Ireland is a great country. We have great people. We do not have to be resigned to huge levels of unemployment, emigration and austerity.

"Together we can re-build this country, north and south. This requires a political step change. The EU and Local elections offer the prospect beginning that change.

"For too long, citizens in this state have endured a two-and-a-half party political system that has served them very badly.

"Sinn Féin is now, very clearly offering people new hope and the prospect of real change, based on genuine republican politics.

"This is about putting Ireland and Irish interests first in our dealings with the EU. It is about putting the interests of citizens at the heart of political decision making at all levels.

"It is very clear that citizens are responding in every greater numbers to Sinn Féin's message of hope and change.

"For the first time ever, every voter, in every county council on this island will have the opportunity to vote for Sinn Féin.

 "Every Sinn Féin Councillor will be a committed voice for their community, putting the people’s interests at the heart of local government.

"Sinn Féin MEPs will not be 'yes men' or 'yes women' in the EU. We have had enough of that. They will be Irish representatives in the EU, not EU representatives in Ireland.

"Lynn Boylan  offers the people of Dublin the representation they have failed to get from other MEPs. Lynn will fight for Dublin's interests, prioritising investment, jobs, economic growth and protection of the environment.

"I am asking Dublin voters to come out and help make 2014 the year change by voting for Lynn Boylan."

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