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The political landscape is changing – Gerry Adams

6 May, 2014 - by Gerry Adams

Sinn Féin Leader Gerry Adams TD has ridiculed the Taoiseach’s suggestion that Martin McGuinness should take his complaints about a ‘dark side’ within the PSNI to the Ombudsman.

Addressing an election rally in Dublin City centre Gerry Adams said the Taoiseach cannot pass the buck on the issue or offer trite responses that have more to do with electoral concerns.

The Sinn Féin Leader also said that political landscape in the South was changing, that Sinn Fein’s message was resonating with greater numbers of people and that after 23rd May the political landscape would be changed even further.

During the course of his address Gerry Adams said:

“When Martin McGuinness spoke about the danger to the process coming from the ‘dark side’ within the PSNI the Taoiseach’s response was to suggest he should make a complaint to the Ombudsman! This is about the future of the political process and the Taoiseach suggests a complaint to the Police Omudsman! What about his responsibility?

“The Taoiseach cannot pass the buck on this issue nor can he trot out trite responses that have more to do with electoral concerns. The Irish people north and south endorsed the Good Friday Agreement. It is the people’s agreement.

“Enda Kenny and David Cameron and their governments are the joint guarantors of the Good Friday Agreement. That means standing up to those who threaten it. That means overcoming obstacles to progress. That means providing positive leadership. This is especially true in trying to deal with the difficult issues of legacy, the past, of parades and of flags and emblems.

“Sinn Féin signed up for the compromise proposals that were presented by Richard Haass and Meghan O Sullivan. The two Unionists parties have not and neither has the British Government. That should be a starting point for the Taoiseach now. The Good Friday Agreement is rooted in equality and that must be the foundation for dealing with legacy issues.

“Two weeks ago the British Secretary of State Theresa Villiers criticised what she described as the one sided focus on state killings. Last week she refused a review into the Ballymurphy Massacre by the British Paras of 11 civilians.

“Taoiseach that isn’t good enough. There is a concerted effort by enemies of the peace and political processes to undermine and damage them. The Irish government has to act – not play party politics.

“Sinn Féin is for policing. There is no doubt about this. Civic, accountable, public service policing. That is what we will continue to focus on achieving. What is also clear is that it has not been achieved yet. So we have work to do.

“The economic crash destroyed the lives of thousands of our citizens. It disrupted the lives of hundreds of thousands more. 400,000 people have been forced to emigrate from this state.

“People who worked all their lives are now barely coping. People who invested in pensions have seen their savings wiped out. Young people who studied hard for their chosen career have seen their hopes dashed. There are others who never saw a Celtic Tiger, whose lives remained one of daily struggle throughout that period and who are even worse of now.

“Despite all of this upheaval and the change in people’s lives, politics in this state has not changed. For Fine Gael, Labour and Fianna Fáil it is business as usual. That is not acceptable. Change is needed and change is possible.

“That is what Sinn Fein is about – bringing political change. One party rule in the North is gone and the two-and-a-half party system that has failed the citizens of this state is going also.

“But politics in this state are changing. Sinn Féin is now a major player in both states on this island with policies, objectives, and an expanding organization which transcends partition.

“Sinn Fein is the only real and credible opposition in Leinster House. We have clear and positive alternatives to the policies of austerity embraced by the cosy consensus of Fine Gael, Labour and Fianna Fail.

“And our message is getting through. It is resonating with greater and greater numbers of citizens throughout this state. That is why I am confident that after 23rd May we will see that the political landscape here has changed even further.”


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