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Sinn Féin Dublin EU candidate Lynn Boylan pledges support for NBRU campaign against plans to privatise some Dublin routes

15 May, 2014 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Sinn Féin’s Dublin EU candidate Lynn Boylan today pledged her support for the National Bus and Rail Workers Union campaign against plans to privatise some of Dublin’s bus routes.

Ms Boylan made her comments after attending todays National Bus and Rail Workers Union briefing in Dublin’s Mont Clare Hotel. 

The Dublin woman said:

“Dublin Bus and Bus Éireann are integral elements of the capital city’s public transport system and plans by Fine Gael and Labour to privatise some bus routes will undermine service delivery. 

“Dublin Bus customer satisfaction has increased and projected numbers using the service for 2014 are also expected to rise. This should be a good news story for workers and management, yet Leo Varadkar continues to take an adversarial position in his role as Transport Minister when dealing with the company.

“Despite Dublin Bus successfully emerging out of an incredibly difficult period, the Transport Minister remains wedded to a failed privatisation agenda. As the daughter of a Dublin Bus driver the Minister's attitude to Dublin Bus workers and the company is particularly galling to me. 

“Attempts by right wing governments to privatise public transport systems is nothing new, nor is the failure of such policies. Health and safety is often undermined, investment goes down, cherry-picking of the most profitable routes by private operators and expensive subsidies are the norm which inevitably leads to the reversal of privatisation policies. 

“Ultimately fragmenting the city’s public transport system makes no economic sense for citizens who rely on public transport or indeed for the public purse which gets less bang for its buck.”

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