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Campbell welcomes Irish language decision

30 May, 2014

Sinn Féin councillor Kevin Campbell has welcomed a decision to withdraw charges against a man who gave his details to the PSNI in Irish. 

Speaking after charges against a 49 year-old man were withdrawn this morning, Councillor Campbell said; 

"This is a sensible decision," he said. 

"Growing numbers of people throughout Derry and across Ireland speak Irish and use it as their everyday language and they are perfectly entitled to do so. 

"We also have many other people enriching our society and culture with a wide variety of languages. 

"I was saddened this case was brought in the first place given the fact that more than 250 PSNI officers have signed up to the Líofa initiative to learn and improve their Irish. 

"The PSNI and other statutory agencies should be aware of the cultural importance of languages and perhaps would benefit from cultural awareness training to avoid similar incidents in the future."

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