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DUP cosying up to millionaire Tories while the poor struggle

12 June, 2014 - by Conor Murphy

Sinn Féin MP Conor Murphy said today the DUP should put the needs of people in the North ahead of securing cabinet positions at Westminster. 

Speaking after media reports raising the possibility of unionist involvement in a future coalition government, the Newry and Armagh MP said; 

"It has been clear to Sinn Féin for some time that the British Conservative party has been trying to cosy up to the DUP to bolster them up after the next Westminster election. 

"David Cameron can see the writing on the wall that he may struggle to win a majority and as a result he is looking to the DUP for support. 

"For their part, the DUP appear keen to become bedfellows with the millionaires in the Tory cabinet while working class people from Ballybeen to Ballymurphy are struggling to make ends meet. 

"That is why they have been so willing to act as cheerleaders for the Tory agenda of welfare cuts, despite the devastating impact it will have on the people they have been elected to represent.

"We know from experience that when a British government panders to unionism in order to ensure its own survival that it creates an obstacle to progress."

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