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Disabled badge holders warned not to be fooled by alternative application sites

25 June, 2014 - by Seán Lynch

Sinn Féin MLA Sean Lynch has warned people to look twice when applying for blue badges for the disabled.

 The Fermanagh MLA said some online companies are charging up to £69 for the badge when the official cost is £2.

 Sean Lynch stated,

 “There are companies operating on the Internet offering online applications for disabled blue badges. They are then charging fees up to £69 when in fact the official cost should be £2.

 “I am asking people especially those who are not too comfortable working on a computer to be careful that they are using the correct site in order to attain or renew their badge.

 “Many of these sites are designed to make you believe that you are on the official DRD site.

 “While these sites are legal, the companies charge an exorbitant fee for handling applications and this is costing disabled people a lot of money.

 “I intend to raise this at the Department of Regional Development committee. I will be calling on the minister Danny Kennedy to remove any confusion by ensuring that applications like these are only available on official governmental sites.” ENDS/CRÍOCH

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