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Funding for suicide prevention should come from health budget – Ó Clochartaigh

2 July, 2014

Sinn Féin’s Trevor Ó Clochartaigh has called on the government to provide extra resources for mental health services and suicide prevention.

Speaking during debate on the motion to raise additional financial funding for suicide prevention via a tax on alcohol, Senator Ó Clochartaigh said;

“We acknowledge the good intentions of the bill, focused as it is on the need to enhance resources for mental health services and suicide prevention

“However we do not favour the bill’s central proposal. Funding for mental health services and suicide prevention should be allocated directly from the health budget.

“It should not be dependent on the sale of alcohol, no more than funding for primary care or physiotherapy or any other aspect of healthcare should be so dependent.

“In general, the National Suicide Prevention Framework will require a cross-departmental response.

“The suicide prevention framework should prioritise marginalised groups, children and young people, given the clear evidence that early intervention is cost effective.

“The HSE should ensure that all community mental health teams provide a 24/7 crisis intervention service as recommended in A Vision for Change.”


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