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Unionist energy needs to be applied to opposing cuts

15 August, 2014 - by Chris Hazzard

Sinn Féin MLA Chris Hazzard called on Unionist politicians to invest as much energy into opposing vicious welfare cuts as they have in acting as cheerleaders for a millionaire Tory cabinet.

Chris Hazzard said:

“Unionists politicians are becoming increasingly desperate in their attempts to force the public to accept Tory-imposed welfare cuts.

 “DEL minister Stephen Farry is the latest in a procession of unionist ministers who have taken to the airwaves to tell people that the sky will fall in if we don’t stand up to Cameron’s millionaires.

 “They are much less vocal about the impact the cuts would have on the disabled, the poor, the low paid and parents with young children, or about the loss to the local economy.

“They are happy to reduce money for those who are least able to afford it.

“The same parties were prepared to roll over on the issue of water charges and told the public then the taps would be turned off.

“Sinn Féin faced down prophets of doom then and we can do so again with the support of the other parties and civic society.” ENDS/CRÍOCH

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