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EU Commission: an unelected body once again working in a shady manner – Lynn Boylan MEP

24 September, 2014 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan was today severely critical of the methods the EU Commission employed to ascertain which industries should be included in its carbon leakage list. The carbon leakage list includes industries that are deemed to be at a competitive risk if they comply with carbon emission reduction requirements and are then subject to exemptions from those reduction requirements. 

Speaking after the EU Environmental Committee meeting in Brussels today, the Dublin MEP said: 

"Is it any wonder that the general public is exasperated with and has such low confidence in the EU institutions when, here again, we have an example of an unelected body carrying out its business in a shady manner. 

"The Commission has not even bothered to publicly publish its own impact assessment on this topic, hardly surprising when we see what is contained in this widely leaked impact assessment. The European Commission, which likes to pride itself on evidence-based policy, is now ignoring the figures contained in its own assessment and is instead plucking a carbon leakage figure from the sky. 

"Estimates based on the difference between this figure and the actual cost of carbon leakage of €6 per tonne has potentially huge savings for taxpayers and we all know that saving taxpayer’s money is something the Commission constantly claims to be at the forefront of its policies. Therefore, it is clear that some shady dealing has taken place and the consequence is that we are now going to subsidise big business in continuing to pollute. 

“I am opposed to this proposal. The carbon leakage list as proposed by the Commission is flawed. The intention has always been to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, not to subsidise heavy industries that have little will to achieve sustainable production. The Commission would do well to remember that." 

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