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“Hogan’s appointment to Commission becoming untenable” – Carthy

25 September, 2014 - by Matt Carthy MEP

Sinn Féin MEP Matt Carthy has called on Taoiseach Enda Kenny, to withdraw the nomination of Phil Hogan to the European Commission and to instead put forward a candidate who will win the confidence of MEPs and citizens from Ireland and across Europe.  Mr. Carthy has said that the post of Agriculture Commissioner has been secured for Ireland but that Phil Hogan as nominee is meeting with increasing opposition.

 Mr. Carthy said:  “Yesterday I attended the National Ploughing Championship and the big point of discussion I had was regarding Phil Hogan’s nomination to the commission.  While some of those I met did urge support for the Taoiseach’s nominee the vast majority of those I spoke to, who were by in large farmers who will be affected by the decisions made by the commission in the next number of years, agreed with my position that Ireland has secured the right post within the commission but has nominated the wrong person for the job. 

 “As a member of European Parliament’s Agriculture and Rural Development Committee I will have an opportunity to speak when Phil Hogan appears before the committee next week.  As an Irish representative it will give me no pleasure to question the record or competence of the government’s candidate.

“However, tough questions will be asked but they will not be limited to Irish representatives.  The most recent controversies have added to an already poor record and it is my view that Mr. Hogan’s nomination is fast becoming untenable.

“This nomination is opposed by a large proportion of the Irish people, quite possibly by the majority.  It is now been raised by MEP’s across Europe as one controversial story is followed by another.

 “Enda Kenny still has an exceptional opportunity for the country to put forward a capable and experienced Irish person for the important role of Agriculture Commissioner. I am appealing to him once again to seize it.  The government must realise the political capital that will be used in order to secure Phil Hogan this job.  That political capital would be better spent in delivering a better deal for Ireland within Europe.”


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