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Lynn Boylan MEP appointed to important European role on Right to Water report

6 October, 2014 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Dublin MEP Lynn Boylan has welcomed her appointment as author of the "European Citizens' Initiative Right to Water" report which will be adopted by the EU Environmental, Public Health and Food Safety Committee. A report's author is the MEP selected to oversee and ​present that report in the European Parliament's plenary session.

Speaking while canvassing with Cllr. Cathal King for the Dublin South West by-election, the Sinn Féin MEP spoke about her appointment:

"I am delighted with my appointment as author of the Right to Water report. I have been given a key task on a very important issue and one which is currently of great concern to Irish people.

"My role as author will include analysing the right to water, consulting with specialists in the field and most importantly, to consult with those who will be affected.

"Earlier this year the European Commission’s reaction to the Citizens Initiative on the Right to Water, which contained 2 million signatures, was lacking in real legislative proposals, and boiled down to a compilation of already ongoing actions plus the announcement of a public consultation on the drinking water directive whose outcomes would not be binding. I will now seek to add my voice to the citizens' campaign.

"The right to water is high on people's agenda throughout Europe and of course, particularly here in Dublin South West at the moment. Sinn Féin has fought and stopped the introduction of Water Charges in the north; we are fighting the Water Charges in the south and now we will ​have a voice in Europe.

"I can assure people that as an Irish MEP I will bring their opposition to Water Charges to the European table. Sinn Féin is fighting this prohibitive tax on a local, national and European level." 

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