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Lynn Boylan making the case for citizens' rights to water.

8 October, 2014 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

As the people of Ireland await their first bills from Irish Water, Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan has taken the issue to the European Union and will be authoring a report on the right2water initiative.

This week in Brussels, Lynn Boylan met with Pablo Sanchez Centellas, coordinator of the right2water initiative.

Speaking on their meeting Ms Boylan stated:

"Right2water is a positive European Citizens Initiative which seeks EU legislation to ensure clean and sufficient drinking water and sanitation for all citizens.

"It is encouraging to see so many citizens across Europe are mobilising on this important issue. Already almost 2 million people across Europe have signed in support of this initiative.  It's time that the Commission sat up and listened.

"Access to water and sanitation is a human right recognised by the UN. It should not be treated as a commodity that can be sold for profit

"Proposals from the Internal Market Committee which support opening up water services for privatisation are deeply troubling.

"We only have to look at our own country and the debacle surrounding the setting up of Irish Water to see the consequences of liberalization of water services.

"Exorbitant consultancy fees and a bonus culture have taken precedence over providing citizens with a service that is an absolute necessity for life.

"I will be making the case for the rights of citizens to access clean water and challenging the free market dogma which puts profit first.


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