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There is no space for armed actions in our society - Cllr McVeigh

21 November, 2014

Sinn Féin Councillor Jim McVeigh has stated that there is no space for armed actions in our society today and that those who represent groups who follow that path must come forward and explain to the public their flawed rationale.

Speaking today Cllr McVeigh said:

“The discovery of weapons in a car last night on the Grosvenor Road ensures that these weapons are taken off the street.

“Those behind such attacks have no support at a community level. They need to stop. 

“Armed actions will not in any way bring a united Ireland any closer. These are yesterdays people who need to realise that there is a democratic way to achieve these goals.

“The political representatives of these groups need to come forward and explain their flawed rationale for the continuation of these acts and what they hope to achieve.

“They stand for elections in which they are rejected by the electorate, they appear on TV to speak about threats on the upgrades in water service in West Belfast, they utilise some offices in west Belfast but when it comes to attacks such as that in Ardoyne during the week, last nights arms find or the countless punishment shootings and intimidation including last night in Derry they are invisible.

“If they are so confident that their actions are justified, which they are clearly not, they need to come forward and put themselves up for scrutiny in the media and to the public.”

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