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Water Leak in Tallaght Highlights 'Pontius Pilate' Approach- Seán Crowe TD

25 November, 2014 - by Seán Crowe TD

Dublin South West TD Seán Crowe has described the difficulties being experienced by residents,  many of them elderly, in New Bancroft Apartment Complex, as ‘typifying the uncertainty surrounding water and repairs under the government’s new regime.

Irish Water, South Dublin County Council and Park Developments are all claiming to residents that someone else is responsible for the water leak.

The residents say they are at their wits end trying to get the water leak fixed for over three weeks and all the while the three organisations argue in a ‘Pontius Pilate’ approach, about who is actually responsible for repairs.

Thousands of litres of treated water are today still pouring into the apartment complex's drain.

Deputy Seán Crowe said:

"Residents from New Bancroft Apartment Complex in Tallaght Village are at their wits end trying to get a water leak fixed, which is now responsible for thousands of litres of water leaking into the drains in the car park.

"A new lake has formed on the basement floor and their water pressure is vastly reduced.

"Irish Water claimed in correspondence that I have received, that the leak is on the private side of the development, that it isn’t leaking into the basement car park and that they are not responsible for the repairs.

"I am no engineer but I personally witnessed with my own eyes and registered with own ears, the water pouring out of walls, flowing and gurgling down into the car park drains.

"South Dublin County Council state that the developer is responsible but Park Developments claim that they actually handed over that section to the local authority.

"This is a mess and highlights the uncertainty surrounding water repairs despite the assurances of the Environment Minister Alan Kelly recently in the Dáil saying that there would now be "greater clarity on the water issue."

"Three weeks after reporting a substantial water leak residents are still none the wiser as to who will now fix the problem and who is ultimately responsible in situations like this.

"They are also out of pocket financially, are making long frustrating phone calls, have been given contradictory answers, have to deal with reduced water pressure, a lake in their basement car park and three long weeks later, have no idea when the problem will be resolved.

"Clarity around Irish Water as promised by this government is far from being resolved and every day it seems we are faced with new challenges and difficulties from this new entity.”

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