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Chris Andrews has called for an urgent response from government to Dublin's escalating housing crisis

3 December, 2014

Sinn Féin Councillor Chris Andrews has called for an immediate and urgent response from government to Dublin's rapidly escalating housing crisis. 

Cllr. Andrews said:

"We are in the midst of the worst housing crisis Dublin has ever seen and the government has its head stuck in the sand. The outrage and anger at the recent death of Jonathan Corrie at the gates of Leinster House has justifiably focused minds on the extent of the problem but it absolutely shocking and deeply upsetting that it has gotten to the stage that a man must die outside our parliament for any attention to be directed to what is at this stage an emergency situation." 

Cllr. Andrews, who is a volunteer with the Inner City Helping Homeless group, continued "This year alone 20 homeless people have died across the state, and at present I am dealing with upwards of 35 cases in my own constituency of families and individuals at risk of becoming homeless, which is absolutely and utterly shocking in this day and age, particularly whilst NAMA is sitting on thousands of vacant housing units because they don't know what to do with them". 

"Fast tracking the delivery of NAMA housing units should be an overriding priority of this government, yet NAMA has so far delivered just over 750 vacant units for use as social housing. This is absolutely and utterly unacceptable". 

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