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South Dublin County Council should not become a debt collector for Irish Water

8 December, 2014

South Dublin Sinn Féin today successfully moved a motion at the South Dublin County Council (SDCC) meeting that rejects proposals by Minister Kelly for local authorities to include a tenant’s unpaid water charges in their assessment of rent. The motion was passed tonight 26 to six with Labour abstaining on the vote.

Speaking this evening after the meeting Cllr Cathal King said:

This so called 'Mandatory legal Obligation' as described in these proposals would put SDCC and other Local Authorities into unnecessary conflict with their tenants over an unjust charge. 

South Dublin County Council already has unpaid rent arrears of €7m and the government is now proposing to hugely increase that burden on the council by suggesting that they collect these monies not to mention the new financial threat being made against council tenants.

Hard presses families in Tallaght and beyond are firmly against this unjust form of double taxation, as is evident in the hundreds of thousands of people marching across Ireland over the last year.

The councils have no responsibility for water charges and therefore should not be instructed to operate as a debt collector for same. It is a ridiculous and desperate proposal and a transparent attempt to quash the enormous opposition to the charges.

It’s as ludicrous as the Council going after a tenant for their ESB bill or their Sky or UPC bills.

We would like to reaffirm our complete opposition to water charges and we will continue to call for their complete abolition.”

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