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British government must end pretence of being neutral broker - Murphy

15 December, 2014 - by Conor Murphy

Sinn Féin MP Conor Murphy said today that Theresa Villiers must end the pretence that the British government is some sort of neutral broker in the political process in the North.

Conor Murphy said; 

"There is unanimity among all the political parties that the financial offer made by David Cameron and his British government was derisory.

“However, Theresa Villiers persists in the pretence that her government is some sort of neutral broker in the current talks process.

“The British government is a key player in the current talks and is responsible through its austerity policies and year-on-year cuts to the block grant for the financial crisis facing the Executive.

“It continues to refuse to honour commitments made in the Good Friday and other agreements to Acht na Gaeilge, an inquiry into the murder of Pat Finucane and a Bill of Rights.

“And Theresa Villiers has adopted a partisan pro-unionist approach to the parading issue pandering to a unionist demand for an Orange Order parade through a nationalist community in North Belfast

“Ms Villiers is also attempting to put further obstacles in the way of families trying to get truth and justice through coroners’ courts.

“We are committed to finding a solution and a way forward in the ongoing talks. But that requires the British government to step up to the plate and end its pretence that it is a disinterested party.” 

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