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Government boasts on job creation record unfounded - Tóibín

18 December, 2014

Sinn Féin TD Peadar Tóibín today accused the Tánaiste of peddling a myth on Labour and Fine Gael’s record on job creation since entering government. The Meath West TD noted that the government has fallen far short of its own target on job creation and many of the jobs coming on stream are low paid and temporary. 

The Sinn Féin Jobs Spokesperson said:

“True to form the Tánaiste has ignored the facts and run instead with spin on Labour and Fine Gael’s record on job creation. For every job this government has created 5 people have emigrated, and there are 48,500 less under-35s in employment since Labour and Fine Gael entered government. Youth unemployment remains unacceptably high at just over 23%. Numbers in the labour force are still in minus figures when compared to the peak of 2007.

“New jobs coming on stream are of course welcome but this is happening at a glacial pace, and many of the jobs being created are low paid and temporary. Ireland has the third highest rate of underemployment in the EU and the second highest rate of low pay across the OECD countries. 

“Yesterday the Toiseach told the Dáil government had delivered between 80,000 and 100,000 jobs, however the most recent CSO figures tell a different story. There has been an increase of 58,600 in employment since Q2 2011. It is worth noting that 25,560 of those attending activation schemes are classified as employed. 

“The ESRI’s most recent research into the distributional impact of 2015 tells us that those on the lowest incomes have lost the greatest amount of household income. Add low pay and underemployment to the mix and you have all the ingredients of an insecure and uncertain recovery.

“Unemployment has been falling slowly but if we add those attending activation schemes and who are underemployed the rate of unemployment rises to a figure closer to 20%, and that’s without including emigration. If government refuses to acknowledge the scale of the challenge then they will continue to fail to implement the policies necessary to secure a fair and prosperous future for Ireland.”

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