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Clondalkin residents left in limbo by Irish Water- Eoin Ó Broin

9 January, 2015

Sinn Féin Clondalkin councillor Eoin Ó Broin has slammed Irish Water for ‘leaving residents of Ashwood estate, Clondalkin in limbo for two months following flood damage to their property in November.’ The burst water mains close to Ashwood estate on November 4th caused significant damage to property affecting ten homes.

Cllr Ó Broin said:     

‘On November 4th last year a large water mains burst close to Ashwood estate off the Fonthill Road in Clondalkin.

‘Property in ten private homes was badly damaged. Irish Water sent a private assessor to inspect the properties during the week of the flood. All but one of the houses was inspected. One house still has not been inspected.

‘Since then neither the residents nor I have been able to get any answers from Irish Water as to what happens next.

‘In one case a woman whose boiler was damaged has been left without heating for two months and as of today still does not know when Irish Water plans to rectify the problem.

‘Since November 4th I have contacted Irish Water directly on eight separate occasions on a designated public representative address. I have yet to receive a substantive response.

‘Affected residents have been phoning Irish Water on a weekly basis. Depending on who they speak to they get different and at times conflicting information. Mostly of the time they are simply told that someone will get back to them.

‘Irish Water has left the residents of Ashwood estate in limbo for two months. Some families have been left without functioning boilers, others with loss of white goods and some with loss of cars.

‘What is most frustrating for the affected families is the failure of Irish Water to provide any clear indication of how they intend to process the compensation claims.

‘This is yet another example of the chaos that is Irish Water. Prior to the handover of these functions from the Council last year such cases would have been dealt with much more quickly. If problems arose Councillors could get explanations directly from Council management.

‘Now nobody knows what is going on and Irish Water is treating both residents and public representatives in a very shoddy manner.

‘Irish Water need to inform the residents of Ashwood estate what is happening with their claims as a matter of urgency and then move to compensate the families for damage to their property.’

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