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Water charge survey in Dún Laoghaire demonstrates strong government dissatisfaction- Cllr Shane O’Brien

12 January, 2015


Q1 Are you satisfied with the FG/LAB implementation of water charges?
YES: 13% No : 87%

Q2 Have you registered as a customer with Irish Water?
Yes 42% No 58%

Q3 Have you taken part in right2water campaign against these charges and for our rights to water?
Yes 36% No 64%

Q4 Do you intend to pay your water bill when issued on the 1/4/15?
Yes 32% No 48% Undecided 20%

Cllr Shane O’Brien said

“The results indicate massive dissatisfaction with the Governments implementation of these dreaded charges. With many people taking part in the survey citing reasons such as double taxation and fear of future privatisation of such a precious resource as reason for their opposition. There was also anger at the Government’s refusal to listen to the large swathes of opposition over the past number of months. The fact that almost 6/10 people are yet to register with Irish Water and nearly 50% surveyed do not intend to pay the first water charge bill, which will be issued on Aprils Fools day this year, show that both Government and Irish Water spin is simply not working. Both entities are now facing large financial black-holes in their books. 

However only a third of people surveyed have taken part in any of the Right2Water protests which demonstrates clearly the need to build this campaign and mobilise even greater numbers to force this Government or any future one to acquiesce to our demands to 1) abolish domestic water charges 2) To recognise and legislate for our access to water as a human right.”

The survey was completed in Dún Laoghaire town centre on Saturday 10/1/15 by members of Dun Laoghaire Sinn Féin. In preparation for the DLR Right2Water local assembly which is due to take place next Saturday @2.30pm in The Noggin Inn Sallynoggin.

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